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Trust Awards 2019

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East Midlands Academy Trust hosted its first ever trust-wide school awards to recognise the efforts and contributions of pupils and staff across our seven schools.

There were winners in four main categories, as well as one overall winner – star of the year – for the whole Trust.

The winners were announced at a special event on Tuesday 18th June 2019.

Find out who were our winners and our runners-up here:

Inspirational Pupil Award

Winners:IMG 5284 resized
  • Ben Malopa, Northampton International Academy
  • Chloe Mitchell, Prince William School
  • Arifa Kalam, Castle Academy
  • Katie and Hollie Enefer, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Nathan Job, Hardingstone Academy
  • Ella-Louise Sholanke, Orchard Academy
  • Annalise Groom, Shepherdswell Academy


  • Tom Sharpe, Prince William School
  • Sam Norwood, Prince William School
  • Rachael Lever, Prince William School
  • Isabel Frampton, Prince William School
  • Tymon Rogalinski, Castle Academy

Teacher of the Year

Winners:IMG 5373 resized
  • Hayley Brooke, Northampton International Academy
  • Rob Mbanu, Prince William School
  • Pethrow Gooden, Castle Academy
  • Fay Parker, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Alex Price, Hardingstone Academy
  • Emma Mundy, Orchard Academy
  • Sophie Bonici, Shepherdswell Academy


  • Avina Marston, Northampton International Academy
  • Simone Perkins, Northampton International Academy
  • Kim Homard-Roy, Prince William School
  • Cheryl Abbiss, Prince William School
  • Pete Allen, Prince William School
  • Bruce Choto, Prince William School
  • Jo Bennett, Prince William School
  • Steph Gonda, Prince William School
  • Robbie Orford, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Claire Mills, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Amy Hoye, Hardingstone Academy
  • Gill Glenn, Hardingstone Academy
  • Sam Longden, Hardingstone Academy
  • Rachel Marguerite, Shepherdswell Academy
  • Stephanie Hartwell, Shepherdswell Academy

Support Staff Member of the Year

Winners:IMG 5481 resized
  • Dawn Brinklow, Northampton International Academy
  • Steph Ryman, Prince William School
  • Debbie Bell, Castle Academy
  • Tina Berlingieri, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Lisa Howarth, Hardingstone Academy
  • Sam James, Orchard Academy
  • Elaine Noctor, Shepherdswell Academy


  • Teresa Brown, Northampton International Academy
  • Janice McAleney, Northampton International Academy
  • Ian Honer, Northampton International Academy
  • Danielle Edmunds, Northampton International Academy
  • Jo Giddings, Prince William School
  • Julie Dunn, Prince William School
  • Janet Fox, Castle Academy
  • Claire Furniss, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Zoe Line, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Louise Parker, Hardingstone Academy
  • Di Livingstone, Hardingstone Academy
  • Sue Mckie, Hardingstone Academy
  • Jon Curtis, Shepherdswell Academy

Volunteer of the Year

Winners:IMG 5522
  • Reader volunteers Hana Finerty, Beatrice Horpas, Suraya Islam, Evie Peacock and Chloe Swallow, Northampton International Academy
  • Emma Tansley, Prince William School
  • Ismael Houssen, Castle Academy
  • Heather Jakeman, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Julie and Charlie the reading dog, Hardingstone Academy
  • Tracey Lambert-Jones, Shepherdswell Academy


  • Ben Shirley, Northampton International Academy
  • Richard Auger, Castle Academy
  • Catherine Castillo-Soto, Castle Academy
  • Karen Glasse, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Suzanne Fairey, Hardingstone Academy
  • Sue and Alison from the library, Hardingstone Academy
  • Colin Durrans, Orchard Academy and Shepherdswell Academy

Star of the Year

Winner - Tom SharpeIMG 5664 resized

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